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We have moved!

OnĀ  03 January 2024 Foundation BEBO has moved to a new office building.

Our new address is:

METC Stichting BEBO
Weiersstraat 1C
9401 ET Assen

We ask you to distribute this information within your organization.

Submission on a CD-ROM repealed

You can submit the research file to us digitally via your own portal or medium of your choice, by email in attachment(s): or on USB by post. Due to working from home and the lack of CD loader in our computers, we have decided to no longer accept submissions on a CD-ROM. Please consider choosing one of the above submission methods.

Introduction of cancellation costs

From January 1, 2020, cancellation costs apply:

If a time slot has been reserved for a meeting and the study is rescheduled/canceled on or after the submission date, you will owe us the full assessment fee.

If the study is rescheduled/canceled up to 7 days before the submission date, you owe us 50% of the assessment fee.

For the rates see our rates.