Our Rates

The MREC of BEBO foundation divides submitted protocols into different levels of complexity. We charge different rates for these levels. The division into the different levels of complexity is done as follows:

Type Complexity
  • Issue of a non-WMO statement (upon assessment whether or not subject to WMO)
  • Research with a drug that is already registered
  • Research with an unregistered study drug, where this study drug has previously been reviewed by the MREC of the BEBO foundation in another research file
  • Research with an unregistered study drug that has not previously been reviewed by MREC of BEBO foundation
  • General experimental research, also with products other than medicines (e.g. food additives)
  • A combination of 3 or more C studies in one protocol
  • First in Human (FIH) studies with biologicals

Type of review rate excl. vat
A (non-WMO studies) € 500,-*
A (non-WMO studies to be discussed in meeting) € 1.000,-*
B protocol € 5.400,-*
C protocol € 7.200,-*
D protocol € 8.800,-*
Review of substantial amendments by the chairman (and two other MREC members if required) € 400,-
Review of substantial amendments by the chairman (and more than two MREC members if required) € 800,-
Review of substantial amendments in a meeting € 2.700,-
Subscription rate per 6 months € 250,-
*This is a indication, the rates depend on the size and type of protocol and the phase of the study.

Cancellation policy

If a time slot has been reserved at a meeting for a study and the study is rescheduled / canceled on or after the submission date, we will charge you the full review rate.

If the study is rescheduled / canceled up to 7 days before the submission date, we will charge you 50% of the review rate.

Subscription fee for long-term studies

The subscription fee is a fee for the management of your research file (this includes, for example, non-substantial amendments, archiving and, where necessary, assessing SUSAR’s, SAE’s, safety reports, progress reports and final reports). This applies to studies lasting six months or more.

This fee is € 250,- per six months (you do not have to pay upfront, invoice will follow afterwards).

We will charge the fee starting from the date of approval of the study. We will stop charging upon notification that the study has ended in the Netherlands.

If the study ends before the subscription fee is due, you will not receive an invoice.

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